Morning Walk in Froggy Farm

Oatlands Road
Oatlands Road

Sheila and I set off before 8 am for a short walk around the tiny suburb of Froggy Farm, Simon’s Town. Living half-way up Dorries Drive we walk mostly downhill for the first half kilometer till we reach the coastal road. A left turn points us back towards Simon’s Town, past the now empty seaside resort of Oatlands guarded by a watchful Alsatian and a security guard. After less than 300 meters we branch off back up the hill at OatlandsĀ Road taking us past the entrance to Simon’s Bay Estate, a retirement home, and the Joe Masego Naval Barracks into the kloof running down the Northern flank of the Dorries Drive community.

The top of Oatlands Road is guarded by a rather elegant Cape Dutch house, recently restored and presumably used by SANDF bigwigs.

Cape Dutch
Cape Dutch

Walking around the back of the property we find ourselves on a narrow path sheltered by Blue Gums and indigenous grasses. Keeping an eye open for puffadders catching some morning sun, we came across an apparently abandoned shed nestling in the bush,

Shed in the bush
Shed in the bush

before we emerged onto a strip of steep tar leading up to Guillard Road which runs back into Dorries Drive.

From there it was a short downhill to home after 40 min stroll around our delightful corner of Simon’s Town.

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Mike Berger




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