La SAGA Continua…

There are tough learning curves, and then there are teeth-grindingly tough learning curves.

I mention teeth because I’m the “lucky” host to a nasty root abscess in my right upper canine. After 4 days of chronic pain, it has progressed to “swollen cheek”, despite antibiotics. So we will have to hit it harder.

But the “saga” of the title, refers to My Drakensberg which is available in the Blurb Bookstore here. Sales have been poor, contrary to my optimistic pre-publication fantasies. After all, the book is pleasant reading with some delightful images, a few embedded videos, relative brief, undemanding text and, even, a bit of actual humour. And it is for a good cause and fairly cheap. (To remind yourself of the background go to my last blog entitled, “My Drakensberg”, and also to the Project menu above and click on My Drakensberg – Zulu Village”.)

So where lies the rub? I don’t really know. Maybe most people simply feel they have better things to spend money on. Or the apparent issues around downloading seem too much. Or they are just too busy to look.

Let me say that dealing with the selling side with Blurb (not the creative side, which was pretty cool),  has been the teeth-grinding part. That is most unfortunate since it is potentially a wonderful platform for self-publishing of eBooks and clearly this is a market they want to reach. I don’t want to give up on them; I don’t think there is any other company aiming at this particular niche with such insight. But the actual implementation and the support has been truly frustrating – not helped by the abscess!

So this is where we are at. I have taken the PDF version off Blurb’s Bookstore. Anyone who wants the PDF version can get it from me directly at It is on Dropbox and I will send the link to anyone who asks for a small donation (say R40-00) which you can make into my Standard Bank account, which will be sent with the link and the instructions on how to best view the PDF.

The Apple/iPad version is still available on Blurb’s Bookstore as mentioned earlier. If you have any difficulty with the download this is where you can get help –

Click on (or copy and paste this into the address bar of your browser and hit “enter’). You will get a form where you enter your order number and other details, including a description of your problem. You should get a personal response from Blurb.

I would really appreciate feedback from readers – positive or negative.

Mike Berger



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