My Drakensberg

My Drakensberg” is the title of my first eBook; make that ENHANCED eBook!

Virtually every South African will know immediately what “Drakensberg” means, but for the benefit of most overseas readers, it refers to the much beloved, 1000 km long, 3000 m high mountain range running up the South and East side of South Africa. There is a background story to this publication which I will briefly mention at the end of this post. But for the fuller story and supporting images and videos click on the My Drakensberg – Zulu Village link in the Project dropdown menu at the top just under the header image.

What does “enhanced” mean? Simply, that besides text, the iBook contains images, audio and videos. I have three short videos embedded in the book, which you can easily watch and listen to by simply clicking on the play button when you reach the appropriate page.

The iBook “My Drakensberg” for Apple and iPad owners can be purchased at this link It is important, if you are downloading onto an iPad that you ensure that you have the Apple iBooks app which is usually  downloaded automatically when you purchase the iPad. If you can’t find it, it may be worth checking with a friend or a local Apple store. The ordering process is simple but you will need the app to see it on your device.

For those disadvantaged, like the author, who do not have iPads or Apple Macs etc, I have also created a pdf version accessible from the following link VERY IMPORTANT: be sure you order ONLY the pdf  for $4.99; unclick the softcover version.

The pdf file downloads easily but, like the iPad version, takes some time because of the file size. To read it properly in Adobe Reader (X or XI), go to View at the top of the screen and in the dropdown menu first click “Read Mode”. Then click Zoom also in the View dropdown menu and the “Zoom to Page Level” option. Then, still in the View dropdown menu click on “Page Display” and then click the “2-page option” and unclick “show gaps between pages”. This sequence may sound difficult but it’s simple, and it means you will enjoy reading the book – so do it.

Note: the 3 videos are not embedded in the pdf version. To watch them simply click on the links in the book when you reach them, which will take you to my Vimeo videos. Select the appropriate video and watch.

How good is the book? Well my kids say it is brilliant. Seriously! But let’s just say you should enjoy it for the price of a couple of cappuccinos plus a decent tip. Not persuasive enough. Well, after the some very basic expenses have been covered all the profits go to the soccer team of a small Amazizi Zulu village in the Drakensberg. Reminder: go to the My Drakensberg – Zulu Village page in the Project category dropdown menu for the “full” story.

Oh, yes – one other reminder. Please Follow the website/blog, Aperture, so that you get automatic notification of new posts in the blog category. We would love to have you as a fellow participant.

Mike Berger

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