Welcome to Aperture – and a little more.

This is the first post of our new website, Aperture.

Note: I said “website” not “blog”. They’re different and the difference matters; here’s why in brief.

The website will be richer than a blog and has greater scope for evolution and growth. A website can have dedicated pages, blogs from different bloggers, can focus on more topics. But more than that, we have spent a bit of money and have expanded our visual scope and general flexibility.

I say “we” because Aperture will be the joint effort of Sheila and Mike Berger together with Rosemary Pegoraro. Sheila’s interests are mosaics and cuisine (ahem), Mike’s are photography, writing, and whatever else capture’s his fleeting attention and Rosemary is our photographic colleague and an accomplished quilter in her own right. Not a bad spread – and, in the interests of brevity, that is not the whole story.

If the truth be told, Aperture so far has been Mike’s baby with WordPress serving as very expert and helpful midwife. Sheila and Rosie have been given notice that their time is just around the corner.

I would like everyone receiving this post to go onto Aperture, take a leisurely look around and FOLLOW (see top righthand column). It will cost you nothing and will not invade your privacy. Unfollowing is a cinch, but I truly hope that most of you will remain, not only followers but participants. Stick it up on your social media pages (with some words of praise if you feel that is due – or at a pinch just “Like” it) . I know that this applies mostly to the below 50s.

I would appreciate your comments, especially if you have difficulty with any aspect including “following”. The site is still on a step evolutionary phase.

Finally NEXT POST will be on Mike’s new book available as an enhanced eBook for iPad/Apple users and pdf for the rest of us. My kids think it is “great” but you know what it is like with kids – even if parents themselves.

Hamba Kahle (go well)

Mike Berger




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