The Missing Link

They say that good wine needs no bush. That may or may not be true but, if it is, it applies probably just as well to GENIUS: those unique people whose gifts, energy and obsessions are so overwhelming that they will inevitably stand out, even if only after their own lifetimes.

So what about the rest of us with greater or lesser talents. I personally am happy to settle for some talent which I can develop over time. But talent does not sell itself apparently. There are millions out there with greater or lesser talents, which is a good thing. Much of society runs on talent and competence. Our technological age with its improved living standards , greater leisure time and wealth of innovation in communication has empowered mere talent like never before.  That has raised the bar for the good of us all.

But how to be heard above the herd? Well, I’ve been reading Martin Crosbie’s DIY book “How  I sold 30 000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle:…“, which you can, amazingly, download from Amazon Kindle. I am astonished at the intelligence, hard work and self-discipline Crosbie has put into the distribution and marketing of his work. I can’t emulate that and in any case my product is different to his. But I think that his book is wonderful general advice for anyone selling anything or indeed for any “sme“.

Of course that comes from someone who has never done any of these things himself in the past.

My  first enhanced eBook is nearing completion. Some tweaking remains, as does a final choice of name. Then careful proofreading since Blurb, my publishing platform, will not accept post-publication editing. And then out it goes.

One of the things I need to do with some degree of urgency is to  create a “potential readership” which includes but also goes beyond my family and friends. I also want to avoid bombarding people with multiple messages on the same topic which is what I’m doing to some extent at present. To that end I’m meeting with a highly intelligent, IT-savvy young friend this weekend. In the meantime, this will appear as usual on my blog “The Way I see It”.

But one piece of Good News: 5 copies of the book called “Inhlambuluko: an afternoon spent at an Amazizi Zulu village” has just been printed by ORMS which I will see today. But more on that in my next post. In the meantime here is the cover photograph…


Signing off till next time

Mike Berger

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