Nautilus – a spirited attempt to unite the two cultures

Way back in my youth CP Snow gave a lecture and subsequently published a book entitled “The Two Cultures” contrasting the scientific and literary paradigms and praxis.How to make something from ver little His thoughts provoked considerable debate and a vicious response by the famous literary critic, Leavis, who savaged both Snow and what he saw as scientific pretensions and vulgar oversimplifications. The ramifications and influence of that debate are very much still with us.

Possibly owing to my purchase of science books from Amazon and browsing occasionally on science-orientated websites, I received unexpectedly a free copy of an extremely ambitious and interesting quarterly publication called Nautilus.


 It aims, no less, to disprove all those who believe that no common ground can exist between the arts (speaking broadly) and the sciences.

This is not a review of its opening issue.  It is rather a very brief celebration of the fact that the internal component of our extensive renovations have more-or-less ended. Hopefully the few days holiday with our kids on the garden route will enable me to read it more carefully, since a cursory skim through suggested a very rich and interesting mix of topics.

In the meantime you may find some of the illustrations and art in the initial issue worthy of attention.

Tennis anyone
Tennis anyone






















I cannot end this post without mentioning the death of Nelson Mandela.


Without descending into the orgy of adulation gripping our media he represented the hope of a genuine reconciliation and South African unity. and guided the country through a perilous transitional phase. By any measure he was a most remarkable man and a great political leader.

Part of his wisdom is manifested by his decision to retire from active politics when he did. Thus his legacy comes to us untainted by subsequenbt events. For deeper analyses (and for some incredibly stupid and angry ones) consult the Internet.

All the best over the holiday season from Sheila and Mike

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