Best of Autumn – The Smithsonian Collection

My last few posts have relied on borrowed images so to speak. Blame that on on major house renovations which fall just short of a direct meteor strike in terms of stress and fallout.

Porcupine according to the Smithsonian??

I try to alleviate the trauma of one step forward and five backwards, by dipping into matters which interest and stimulate me. A notification from The Smithsonian Magazine that my subscription had expired led me to take a peak at its selection of its best Fall photographs from the last ten years.

For the Smithsonian selection in full see above but I have chosen a few which to whet your appetite for more.

Autumn in Alaska
Autumn in Alaska

One could argue that this is not art, but there is something to be said for the simple human pleasure of enjoying the capture and preservation of extreme and obvious beauty 51487moose963available to almost all tastes.

Adirondacks, USA
Adirondacks, USA
A path through the woods
A path through the woods

And let us not minimise the skill of the photographers who created these specific images out of the abundant but chaotic beauty that nature can provide. So ENJOY!

And don’t forget that you can right click on the image to view the full size in a separate tag.


Mike Berger



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