The Near Atlantic Suburbs – Sea Point and Green Point

These have undergone a remarkable renaissance of late. This is most marked in Green Point which, till about 10 to 15 years ago, was a modest suburb where property could be cheaply acquired. The change started with the Waterfront, was further expedited by the de Waterkant development above the Main Road and, of course, by the controversial stadium.

The common has been transformed. Properties have had an enormous facelift or simply scrapped and rebuilt, restaurants have flourished and property prices have barely remained in orbit.

Here are some images from a morning shoot on a bright winter’s day in the innovative and charming Green Point park much loved by birdlife and children alike with a river running through it. Nothing very memorable but I hope the pics give the flavour.

Stadium across the waters
Stadium across the waters

The main man made landmark of the Park is the Stadium, which is situated across the waterway and the golf course. The waterways are loved by a diversity birds and are a key landscaping feature. The clear winters day made for lovely blue water.




Lonely little duck, swimming in the water. The reeds and grass add enormously to the attractiveness of the scene and the park as a whole shows great ecological sensitivity.

The park is really for kids and their minders.

The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse

Even during the week families are out enjoying the open air, lawns and the fun structures the park offers.

NB. Clicking on the images takes you to the larger version.

Crossing the Rubicon
Crossing the Rubicon
Speed thrills
Speed thrills

Mike Berger

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