Cape Town & The Far South

Those of us who live South of the Silvermine-Muizenberg mountains generally like to believe we live in the Far South – often with the word “Peninsula” attached. It used to be the “Deep South” until it penetrated into the skulls of the locals, that the word associations were…how should we put. it?…unfortunate.

Having stagnated for decades, the Far South Peninsula has seen a vast expansion of both population and the built environment over the past 15 years. That has come with costs and benefits; amongst the latter are some great restaurant, vineyards and shops. As for the former…they are sometimes only too obvious. Nevertheless, it has handled these challenges generally quite well and has retained much of the rural ambience thanks to having the SAN Table Mountain Chain running through it. Perhaps that is why Simon’s Town with the most concentrated collection of educated retired people in SA still has to receive a respectable mobile phone and radio service.

Well, with that preamble out of the way, here are some recent images of the Far South, as part of a more general project to keep recording aspects of our beloved city, Cape Town,  and it’s equally fascinating environs.

The first set are of False Bay, dusk and morning. It is a scene of endlessly changing moods. The main danger for the photographer or painter is to avoid lapsing into postcard images…decorative but banal. I am not sure that I always avoid that trap but here are some for you to consider.

Looking North from Dorries Drive at Dusk
Looking North from Dorries Drive at Dusk
House on the Hill – Dusk

I  liked these two for their painterly qualities of light. It comes out well on my screen but may appear a bit washed out on brighter ones. Please let me know.

The next two images were taken at dawn and give a very different feel. The first is rendered in cold tones to capture the chill of a Winter morning. The next is warmer but I liked the different qualities of light on the water, mountains and sky.

Lighthouse and Lights across False Bay
The Hottentots Holland Range at Dawn

The next images are from Noordhoek Common – an archetypal village common and much given to horses, dogs, and their owners. In Winter it can present a green freshness strongly reminiscent of England or parts of Europe. I found  it difficult to capture its remarkable charm adequately but here are some attempts.

Trees on Noordhoek Common
Trees on Noordhoek Common
Across Noordhoek Common to Chapman’s Peak
Morning stroll on Noordhoek Common
Framed, Noordhoek Common
Aristocrat, Noordhoek Common

Remember by clicking on each photo you can see it full size.

Mike Berger

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