Morning Stroll

OK, I know that Simon’s Town is far from the Cape Town scene and sometimes I really miss  easy access to the films, shows and other amentities of the Mother City. But that’s the trouble with this part of the world. It is so full of scenery and history and city sights and opportunities that there is no single place where you can get everything. And, of course, it is not helped by being strung out between the mountains and the sea.

We are spoilt for choice. So I have included some images of a recent pre-breakfast stroll along the coast to Millers Point, about 8 km South of Simon’s Town proper. it is partial compensation for what we are missing elsewhere along this lovely peninsula.

Alone on a wide wide sea
Alone on a wide wide sea
In the spotlight
In the spotlight
Miller's Point
Miller’s Point
Enjoying the views
Enjoying the view

Mike Berger

One thought on “Morning Stroll”

  1. Marvelous views — they make me feel quite homesick! So glad you found the Coursera stuff interesting — we’ll be fellow students on the course.


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