Coursera and other new ventures

Have any of you heard of Coursera? It was brought to my attention by Andrea Bernstein, a follower of “The Way I See It” and an old friend of Sheila and me currenly living on the West Coast, USA.

Coursera is a collection of internet degrees and courses under the auspices of London University and other prestigious insitutions as well. As part of its repertoire a number are offered free for non-degree and non-credit purposes. My initial plunge is into “The Camera Never Lies – ”an introduction to the use of photographs as historical evidence in the twentieth century, issues of authenticity and manipulation, and the place of film and historical adoptions as public history. “

I’m looking forward to it to fill the time after my second cataract operation coming up this Wednesday.

Rosemary and I are starting to put some photos out in public as a possible means of funding our expensive addiction.  Hopefully it will pay dividents and one of our first ventures is to place some canvas mounted pictures in a local coffee bar/deli, for a couple of months. I include some of the photos below.

Slugfest Productions
Slugfest Productions

The second is the creation of a business card: cover photo shown here…..

We had a delightful Father’s Day breakfast at the Foodbarn in Noordhoek followed by a stroll through the suburb in glorious morning winter sunlight. Sorry no camera!!

But here are two of the images on  display in Simon’s Town.

Nieu Bethesda
Nieu Bethesda
Dublin Flower Stall
Dublin Flower Stall

Till next time.


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