At long last! Rosemary and I forked out the moolla and purchased a Spyder 4 Pro calibration spectrophotometer and finally got down to doing what all the pundits say is essential: standardise our monitors. My monitor is a 21 inch Sony TC flatbed acquired about 5-6 years ago. Well I found out 2 things – firstly it is simply not bright enough – by a longshot – even at its highest setting. And secondly, after recalibration all my pictures looked overheated on the screen. This suggests that it was set too “cold” BC (before calibration” of course) and I was overcompensating in the editing process. Rosie’s results were essentially similar. So firstly I will be going into Orms on Friday to check out on their, presumably properly calibrated, screens. Secondly, it would be nice to hear from viewers (are their any out there) how they find the crop of images I’ll be loading onto this post compared with my previous versions. Of course, you all have properly standardised monitors, not so!? So here are a small sample of images which I call “funky” and you can call what you like, culled from my Lightroom catalogue.

Graven Image
Graven Image
Innocence interrogating age
Innocence interrogating age

So let me hear your thoughts on all this. Mike

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