Drakensberg Village Feast

In April this year we spent some time in the Northern Drakensberg, KZN with our daughter,

Drakensberg Vista
Drakensberg Vista

Michele, and her family. They stayed at The Cavern, one of the premier family-orientated resorts in the “berg while we stayed about 15 mins away at Berghouse and Cottages – beautifully situated on a plateau looking directly at the vast Northern range to the East. If you go to my Pinterest  Page you will find some further images there – (note: it is still under construction.

In the course of our stay Richard arranged for our family to be guests at a feast held at the home village of one of The Cavern guides, not far away from where we had been staying , in the course of which I took some pics of the guests and the surrounds. Later it struck me that if I publish a small coffee table book with the Drakensberg and the Village Feast  as the central visual component, it could be marketed to bring in some money for the village.  More specifcally it could be used to create a better venue for communal occasions like the one we had been privileged to attend.

Village kids
Village kids

Anyway I floated the idea with our host for the occasion and he checked out the proposal with the villagers who all proved more than eager for me to go ahead. So right now, I’m trying to bring The Cavern on board as administrator of any funds we collect and as the local marketer of the book and the project.

I am not yet sure whether I have enough material and there is still the textual content to be created. But with some luck and a lot of work we should be able to create something worthwhile.

PS. Tell me how you like the Pinterest link.

Mike Berger

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