Is it a hoax?

In my last post I glanced at the artistic and ethical issues arising from the technology of digital post-processing and the proliferation of commercial groups who take RAW files and convert them into the finished image.

A few days ago I received a  Powerpoint slide show (complete with schmaltzy soundtrack) which purported to be an artist mimicking photography. Here are the images (minus soundtrack) which were part of the PPS :  Anna Kostenko-Paintings not photographs? In the URL they are acknowledged to be conventional photographs, not paintings. So is the PPS a hoax?

There seem to be “two” Anna Kostenkos – one a photographer and the other a painter. Both are from Poland and “were born about the same time”! Hmmmmm.

A coincidence? Or a hoax? Look at the paintings/photographs and tell me what you think!

I think someone (Anna Kostenko herself?) is having us on with the PPS being circulated by e-mail. Good clean fun and less damaging than hacking. What do you think? (Unfortunately I can’t include the PPS on the blog but if you drop me a line I will e-mail it to you)


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