What! Another blog?

Since this blog is both personal and themed, it is doomed to rapid oblivion according to TNR. In one sense the author is right. I have no illusions: this blog, The Way I See Itis as

The Racoon
The Racoon

much for me as for the reader. It is a way of organising my thoughts and work and obtaining the necessary detachment to see it impartially and critically.  In the words of the philosopher Daniel Dennett  it is a “sky hook” – a virtual mental device which cannot exist in the real”physical” world but which serves as a mental platform to gain perspective.

But its more than that. It is my version of “social media for adults” – a place where mature people can share common creative interests and ideas. From my side it is primarily photographic, but far from exclusively so. Photography is just one way of telling a story – anything from the unpretentious family photograph of which untold millions are uploaded every minute onto billions of Facebook pages to the great photographs of the masters in which a single image captures timeless beauty or profound emotion or a volume of personal, social and economic information which would take thousands of words to spell out explicitly.

But photography also includes hybrid forms like moving images and can be combined with words or music or other forms of communication in combinations limited only by the imagination, expertise, energy and time available of the individual or collective. This is photography 101 of course and ultimately the product must speak for itself. And from hereon longwinded explanations and justifications will cease.

I invite you to join me which is easily accomplished by clicking on the FOLLOW button at the top of the sidebar in the righthand side of the page. Please contribute through comments or by submitting your own work. If you know of others who may be interested send it onto them.  If you don’t join you won’t receive notifications of new material or comment by others. For more information on how this blog is constructed and is intended to work click on the “About” page at the top. As always a site like this is an evolving structure. Please join me in creating something worthwhile.

Mike Berger

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